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Servicing ALL your Ghostbusters fanfiction needs!

Cross The Streams!
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"'Scuse me, Egon, you said crossing the streams was bad."

Welcome to the first official Ghostbusters fanfic community! (Official as in the first LJ community devoted to GB fanfic, not in the sense of being officially sanctioned by Columbia Pictures, which we aren't, by the way. This is all for fun and not a penny in any kind of currency known to man or spirit is exchanging hands. We're just a gathering of folks who love the Ghostbusters so much we were inspired by them.)

This community is about one thing: Ghostbusters fanfic. Asking about or posting writing resources (for example, a place where the ghost classification system is explained), looking for a beta reader, giving recommendations, sharing pics that inspired fics (or requesting a pic or screencap that inspired a fic), discussing stories (even episodes of the cartoon series or the movies), and sharing stories and feedback are acceptable uses of this community. Do not use this community to promote other communities unless those communities have to do with the Ghostbusters. Anything off-topic will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators; this includes any content that is not fanfiction or fanfic related.

Special note: You do not have to have written anything to join the community. We need and value good readers/commenters, so if you're just here to read fic you are more than welcome.

Rules (and we do have to have them):

1. This community is geared around constructive criticism. This means if you post your story here there will be people who will reply honestly and may even (horror of horrors) say they don't like it. However, though honest responses are welcome and preferred, honesty does not mean "trashing." Saying "this sucks" is not only a bad critique, but a useless one. If a story is horrible, don't only point out that it is—suggest ways to fix it. If appears to be beyond fixing, say so in a gentle manner. We don't want anyone walking on eggs as far as critique, but neither do we want members thinking they can slash a story to bits in as cruel a manner as possible. Neither one is acceptable.

If your story receives negative comments, do not come whining to us. Part of being a writer entails being able to handle criticism, even if you're only writing for fun. If you are so closely connected to your story that you cannot handle the implication that it is less than perfect, DO NOT post it here. If you do you are opening yourself to public commentary, and the same First Amendment that allows you express yourself gives us the right to do the same.

2. This community is for GB fanfic, which includes both movies and the two cartoon series as well. Please note that not everyone may be familiar with all three, so if you, for example, post an Extreme GB fic, you may recieve fewer responses. Please do not interpret this as unwelcome or unfriendliness on our parts. Also, critiques and comments should be germane to the series—for example, if a story takes place in the movie-verse, don't comment saying "Egon is a BLOND! Duh!"

3. Posting fics: All fics should be posted with a header that gives the title, author, rating (G to R), what universe it's in (movies, real GB, or Extreme GB), and any pertinent warnings (violence, etc.). Smut (PWPs and the like) and slash are not allowed; stories may have sexual content, but it should remain within the realm of good taste, i.e. being a part of a larger plot instead of the plot existing solely to get two characters in bed together. This is a decision that the moderators have made to keep things peaceful, especially since this is an open community.

Important Note about posting fanfics: Because this community is very small and not terribly active, it is entirely possible that you will post a story or chapter not receive any feedback for it. You will have to deal with that: Some of us have very busy lives and don't have time to give detailed feedback. Whining about not getting any feedback and/or making drama-whorish "I'm leaving!" posts will only annoy the mods and get all your posts deleted and your journal banned. So don't do it. If you really need feedback, SAY SO and be SPECIFIC with your comments. If you still get no feedback, then perhaps try elsewhere; there is a large, very active list call RGBFanfic on yahoogroups that might give you what you're looking for.

The text of chapters must be cut; if you wish, you can post the first paragraph or so outside of the cut. Uncut chapters will be deleted. If you do not know how to use LJ cuts, either check the FAQ or ask someone. We're happy to help.

nesmith and ivorykisses, community maintainers